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Texas Governor John Connally and his family called Picosa Ranch home throughout his tenure as the Governor of Texas, Secretary of the Navy under President Kennedy and Secretary of the Treasury under President Nixon. He is perhaps most notably known for his presence in the same vehicle as President Kennedy the day of the president’s assassination in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

Picosa Ranch History
Gov. Connally’s office displays mementos from his era.

During his time in the political arena, “Big John” Connally hosted a glittering coterie of world leaders, movie stars and dignitaries at the ranch. Guests included President and Mrs. Nixon, President Johnson and family, Nelson and Happy Rockefeller, President Ford and family and more. The presence of Connally’s is still felt in many areas around the property. Memorabilia from Connally’s days in office, sculptures made by their daughter and artifacts brought to the house by the family still remain.

The presence of Governor and Mrs. Connally is still felt in many areas of the property.

One of the most notable pieces of history is an impressive Magnolia tree that sits adjacent to the pool outside the Main House. This tree was grown from a clipping of a White House Magnolia Tree. The clipping was gifted to Mrs. Connally by the President and Mrs. Nixon on one of their many trips.

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